Important Reasons to Keep Up with Your Regular Cleanings

The importance of regular dental cleanings cannot be overstated. Your teeth and gums need professional cleaning to maximize your dental health now and for the future. We recommend scheduling a cleaning every 6 months. In between visits, keeping up with your in-home regimen is essential. When you come in for a cleaning, we are happy to help you establish a thorough home dental health routine to follow. Consider the following important reasons and then call Providence Dental Spa to schedule your visit:

  1. Brighten Your Smile—Among other things, Coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco are notorious for staining teeth. Seeing that 83% of Americans drink coffee, most Americans’ teeth are exposed to staining regularly. Even if coffee is not your beverage of choice, food and drinks in general will stain your teeth over time. At a professional cleaning, the stains can be cleared away, revealing a gleaming white smile.
  2. Fight against Tooth Loss—Starting with plaque buildup, gum disease is the leading cause for tooth loss in adults. As plaque spreads, your tooth structure becomes compromised and teeth could start to break free. Plaque can be kept at bay generally through regular cleanings and proper at-home care.
  3. Catch Dental Problems—Over time, we have become aware of a connection between oral health and overall health. Beyond just gum and mouth diseases, oral health issues have been connected to various cardiovascular conditions, bone loss, cancer, strokes, and more. When you are seeing the dentist regularly, early signs are more likely to be spotted and addressed before it grows into a major medical issue. Being pro-active in dental care can save more than just your smile, but also your health.
  4. Save Money—When dental issues are delayed in being caught, the expenses to treat them can be more extensive. If you have an infection or bacteria which gets to spread and corrupt, you could be looking at extractions vs. a crown which conserves your actual tooth. Routine care is much more affordable than major dental procedures.
  5. Prevent Cavities—Plaque shows up as a white film on the surface of your teeth. Over time, the plaque eats away at your tooth enamel and could eventually cause a cavity. Through regular visits and proper at-home regimen, plaque can be managed.
  6. Cleanse your Breath—Good dental hygiene is crucial for having fresh breath. Brushing and flossing well at home combined with regular visits will leave your mouth feeling and smelling fresh.

Establishing good habits in your dental care is important for the health and appearance of your smile. Schedule your visit to promote your health and enjoy our relaxing spa amenities at the same time.