Sealants In Macon, GA

A Coat of Protection on Hard to Reach Teeth

Dental Sealants

What are Sealants?

Sealants are an extra level of protection to help ward off cavities. Although brushing and flossing are still the best defense against cavities, sealants provide further support in keeping your teeth cavity-free. Typically, sealants are used on teeth which are hard to reach and keep clean through brushing and flossing alone.

The Benefits of Sealants

1 Prevent cavities in hard to reach places.

2 Help make your usual dental regimen more successful.

3 Maintain the overall health of your teeth.

4 Reduce chances of cavities and tooth decay dramatically.

5 Strengthen your mouth's defenses without any pain or hassle.

The Process:


Prepare your tooth.

At this point, we will clean and dry any teeth which will be undergoing the sealant process. As needed, a suction tool will be used to ensure the teeth stay dry and you remain comfortable. Thankfully, the sealant process is entirely painless and brief.


Apply the gel.

An acidic gel will be applied to the sealant-intended teeth. This gel will prepare the surface of your teeth to bond properly with the sealants. 


Rinse and dry.

After a few seconds, the acidic gel will be rinsed off and your teeth dried again. At this point, the gel will have roughened the surface of the selected teeth for optimal bonding with the sealant.


Coat with sealant and set.

The sealant is now applied to your teeth, bonding with the grooves encouraged by the acidic gel. The sealant will be hardened quickly using a blue light. 


Continue your dental regimen.

Sealants are a support not a substitution for brushing or flossing so continue faithfully with your healthy dental habits. Over time, sealants may need to be reapplied, but generally with normal care, they will last several years.

If you are interested in sealants, schedule a consultation to determine the best restorative dental solution for improving your tooth function, oral health, and appearance.

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