Night Guards In Macon, GA

Protect Your Teeth and Prioritize Your Rest

Women Sleeping after installing Night Guard

What are Night Guards?

Comprised of a tough thermoplastic material, night guards are custom-made to protect your teeth from damage through night grinding. If you habitually grind your teeth, you can cause significant dental problems, such as teeth fracturing, teeth loosening, loss of teeth, and jaw pain. With a properly fitted night guard, your teeth will be protected from the damage of grinding and clenching.

Benefits of Night Guards:

1 Protect your teeth from damage.

2 Prevent further dental complications from habitually grinding.

3 Enjoy a quick and painless solution.

The Process:


Discuss your situation.

Before determining your exact treatment plan, we will consult with you about your teeth grinding habits. In some cases, teeth grinding is related to sleep apnea which may need to be addressed as well. Once we are clear on your needs, you can relax with our spa amenities while we start the process.


Make impressions.

Since night guards only work properly when fitted appropriately, we take thorough impressions using dental putty which will account for all components of your smile. Once made, your custom-made night guard can be created with high quality thermoplastic material.


Ensure proper fit.

When your night guard is ready, we will try it on in office to make sure the ideal fit has been achieved. We will also offer support with proper night guard usage care instructions.

If you are struggling with habitual night grinding, contact Providence Dental Spa today to schedule a consultation to determine the best solution to protect your teeth.

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