According to the American College of Prosthodontics, approximately 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. Tooth loss can occur due to injury, decay, cancer, gum disease, or wear and tear. Missing a tooth can dramatically impact your self-confidence. At Providence Dental Spa, we want to help you restore both your missing tooth and your confidence. Although there are many options to fill in your smile, some are only temporary solutions. During a consultation, our team can determine the ideal solution to rebuild your smile. 

What is a Dental Flipper?

Dental flippers, a type of partial denture, can be a simple solution to fill in your missing tooth or teeth, but they are not designed as a long-term solution. A dental flipper is made from acrylic plastic and functions as a removable retainer. The retainer portion fits along the roof of your mouth or along your jawline. The prosthetic teeth are secured to the retainer, so they fit securely into your smile. A dental flipper is custom-made after taking an impression of your mouth. Although dental flippers can be worn while eating, it is important to note that you should be careful because the material is not as strong as your natural teeth.

Benefits of a Dental Flipper

  • Reasonably Priced–Dental flippers are the most affordable partial dental option.
  • Quickly Created–After your impression is made, dental flippers can be made quickly.
  • Easy to Wear–A dental flipper pops in as easily as any other retainer.
  • Stabilizes Other Teeth–Beyond the aesthetic reasons, filling in a missing tooth is important to prevent your smile from shifting. Dental flappers will keep your teeth from shifting.

What Other Options are Available?

Some additional varieties of partial dentures can be secured in your mouth, so you can avoid the process of taking them in and out. This is still not technically a permanent solution, but it is a longer-term solution than a dental flipper.

The ideal solution for managing tooth loss is partial implants for your teeth. Implants are long-term and have greater durability than partial teeth replacement options like dental flippers or other partial dentures. It is important to note that although they can be more expensive than a dental flipper, they are a long-term investment in fixing and maintaining your smile. The prosthetic teeth are generally made from an acrylic resin or porcelain and secured to your mouth using titanium implants. Not only are the replacement teeth well-secured, but they are difficult to distinguish from your natural teeth in terms of appearance and function. Implants can be a suitable option whether a patient is missing one tooth or multiple. When multiple teeth are missing together, a dental bridge can be placed and secured using implants.

Benefits of Implants

  • Restored Tooth Function–Missing a tooth or teeth can hinder your ability to chew normally. Implants give you prosthetic teeth that are almost as strong as your natural teeth. This achieves practicality and functionality so that you can chew normally without worrying about durability.
  • Prevention of Facial Structure Shifts and Bone Loss–  Teeth play an important role in upholding the structure of your face. When you have missing teeth, your face can sag and cause your face to look older. This is because losing teeth can trigger bone loss in your jawbone. Implants bond with your jawbone through a process called osseointegration, filling in the missing spot to ensure your facial structure stays in place.  During this process, your body accepts the implants as a natural part of your body and halts the bone loss process. 
  • Support for Existing Teeth–Teeth tend to shift when there is a gap. Your entire smile alignment can be thrown off by a single missing tooth. An implant fills the space visually and practically, so your smile can stay aligned. 
  • Easy Care–Implants should be brushed and cared for like natural teeth. The final advantage of your implant is that it will not be able to decay. The prosthetic tooth will stay clean and resist staining when you are using your normal dental regimen. 

If you have dental needs, the Providence Dental Spa team can help you find the right solution to fit your needs and budget. We want to help you smile with confidence again!