The holidays do not seem complete without your favorite treats. Whether you are sharing Christmas cookies after a day of baking with family, eating a slice of pie at a holiday party, or snacking on candy straight from your stocking, sweets are an integral part of most peoples’ annual traditions. Sugar and carbs can cause significant problems for your teeth and gums when not managed properly. When you eat sugar, bacteria which naturally occurs in your mouth will feed on the sugar and leave acid behind. The acid will create an acidic environment where it will demineralize the enamel for bacteria to harbor and grow tooth decay, which can also lead to gingivitis. If you are snacking on sweets over an extended period, this can be especially damaging because sugars can be affecting your teeth 20 minutes after consumption. Providence Dental Spa is not going to be a Grinch about your holiday sugar, but rather we want to help you enjoy your treats more safely.

  •       BYOB (Bring Your Own Brush)—With all the travel size toothbrushes, mini flossers, and toothpastes available, there is no reason to not be prepared. Whether sticking it in your pocket or handbag, you can bring along your tools for a quick brush after you have finished your sweets at holiday events.
  •       Avoid the Sticky Stuff—The extra sticky sugars, like caramels or candy canes, have a bad habit of getting stuck in between teeth. If you can trade these candies for chocolate instead, it will be easier to clean away.
  •       Do a Quick Rinse—Even if you cannot brush, you can still minimize the impact of sugar. Try rinsing out your mouth with tap water. Loose food particles and bacteria can be washed away so your teeth will not be as affected.

Enjoy your holidays and the treats that go along with them more safely with these tips! If your smile needs a check up before your holiday photos, call Providence Dental Spa today.