Does just the thought of visiting the dentist trigger your anxiety? You are not alone! Over 60% of adults experience some degree of dental anxiety. As a dental practice with spa amenities, we are committed to helping our patients feel as comfortable as possible. Our team wants to help you determine the source of your anxieties and provide peaceful solutions.

The Most Common Reasons for Dental Anxiety

  •   Nervous about Pain—There are many options for alleviating possible discomfort during your procedures. Even if your anxiety is triggered just from minor discomfort during a routine cleaning, you do not have to endure it. Ask for nitrous oxide to allow you to relax through the process. We also have sedation options if needed for your dental procedures. When you come in for your visit, we would be glad to discuss the options to keep you comfortable. Pain no longer should be an excuse to avoid your checkups.
  •   Bad Past Experiences—Whether the negative experience is from a recent dental issue or stems from childhood dental visits, we want to help you work through your dental past. Providence Dental Spa is a compassionate and safe space for you to share your experiences. We are happy to listen and offer solutions to help you manage your discomfort.
  •   Feelings of Helplessness or Loss of Control—If having dental work done makes you feel overwhelmed, you are not alone. There are many people who struggle with the lack of control or feeling trapped in the chair. When you start to feel the feelings surfacing, you can just raise your hand up and our staff will give you a short break. You can have a moment to stand up or maybe take advantage of our spa amenities. We are committed to your comfort throughout the entire experience.
  •   Anxiety about the Cost—Restorative dentistry is more expensive than preventative dentistry. When you prioritize your at-home regimen and regular professional cleanings, you will minimize the chances of expensive dental bills. If you do need restorative measures, we will work with you to find the right solution to fit your needs and budget. We offer an in-house dental savings plan to help our patients receive the care they need at a lower cost. The monthly plan covers routine care as well as discounts on other dental services. Unlike dental insurance, our plan is not subject to a deductible. Learn more here!
  •   Embarrassment about Teeth—If you have not been to the dentist in a while, you may have anxiety about the state of your teeth. We truly have seen it all when it comes to teeth, so be reassured that you will be cared for with kindness and dignity. Our team just wants to help you achieve your best smile. We are not overwhelmed or bothered by the state of your teeth.

Providence Dental Spa was founded with the vision of optimizing patient comfort through compassionate genuine dental care combined with spa amenities. We truly want to change how you feel about going to the dentist. Schedule a visit today and see the difference for yourself!