As part of our celebrations for National Dentist Day, we wanted to share Dr. Skyler Holcomb’s story. His enthusiasm and passion inspire our dental staff who work with him each day. Similar to Dr. Mann, Dr. Holcomb was also exposed to the world of dentistry at a young age.

Dr. Holcomb’s Dental Journey 

Dentistry is in Dr. Holcomb’s blood as well. Dr. Holcomb and his siblings watched their dad work as a dentist growing up, but he was the only one who chose his father’s trade. Dr. Holcomb feels like replacing missing teeth is a great joy to him. He joined Providence Dental Spa in 2018. One of the key differences he has noted with Providence Dental Spa is how cohesively the team works together. From the dentists to the dental assistants to the front desk staff, the chemistry of the staff is the reason Dr. Holcomb remains thrilled to be a part of the team. He directly connects the patients’ positive experience to the team’s dynamic. Dr. Holcomb loves to hear patients go from “I hate going to the dentist” to “Wow! That was the best filling I’ve ever had.”

More to Know About Dr. Holcomb

Dr. Holcomb specializes in general and cosmetic dentistry. He enjoys getting to help patients with their everyday dentistry needs as well as their dramatic smile transformations. After graduation with his B.S. in biological sciences from The University of Georgia, Holcomb earned his DMD from The Dental College of Georgia. Dr. Holcomb attained his Alabama Implant Education Certificate, adding to his cosmetic prowess. Whether doing a restorative surgery or a simple cleaning, Dr. Holcomb loves providing individualized care and troubleshooting challenges. His positive attitude and drive encourage the staff and patients each day. 


Happy Dentist Day, Dr. Holcomb! Providence Dental Spa is a better place because of your influence and passion.