Being proactive with your oral care can prevent many issues in the future. Through practicing good habits and living a healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy a beautiful and functional smile long-term. The investment you make in your oral health will be worthwhile now and in the future. Our dental staff at Providence Dental Spa want to help you in your journey to excellent oral health.

Smart Preventative Oral Care Steps

  •       Practice Healthy Brushing and Flossing Habits—Your daily commitment to oral health truly pays off. If you are consistently brushing and flossing between your dental visits, you will better maintain the function and appearance of your smile. Brush your teeth at least twice daily or after eating and drinking. Floss your teeth once daily to catch the food that was missed through brushing. Mouthwash can be a nice addition to your routine but brushing and flossing are certainly the most essential aspects.
  •       Stay Consistent with Cleanings and Oral Cancer Screenings—We recommend a professional cleaning every 6 months for ideal health. At your cleanings, we can also screen you for oral cancer. Our team will look for any evidence of oral health issues, so we can recommend solutions to treat them before they progress. Early detection is crucial for treating many dental problems, from something as simple as a cavity to oral cancer. No matter how busy your schedule may be, do not put off your checkups. If there are any problems with your at-home dental regimen, we can make recommendations to improve your smile at home as well.


Downsides of Poor Oral Health

Poor oral health can be connected to many diseases and unpleasant problems. Being consistent with your preventative oral care could help you avoid these issues altogether.


  •       Contracting Additional Diseases—When you have poor oral health, you are at an increased risk for many other systemic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, bacterial pneumonia, and more. Although some conditions like oral cancer can not entirely be prevented, you can lower your risk factors. Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption and utilizing tobacco will greatly diminish your risks for many health problems.
  •       Requiring Expensive and Complicated Dental Procedures—If you have poor oral health, you will likely need more complex and expensive solutions to restore your wellness. By practicing good habits, you could avoid needing more extreme measures altogether. Over 80% of Americans have at least one dental filling and that is just a simple dental fix. Avoid letting your problems become more complicated and expensive through preventative oral care.
  •       Having Dietary Restrictions—When you have poor oral health, you may have to avoid sticky, hard, or cold foods. Tooth sensitivity is very common when you try to eat or drink cold things. By practicing good habits, you can enjoy your favorite foods and drinks without being in pain.
  •       Suffering From Bad Breath and Smile Appearance—When you have poor oral health, your smile will be less attractive, and your breath can be unpleasant. Having an unappealing smile can also impact your confidence. You should not feel like you must keep your mouth shut to avoid embarrassment. Clean breath and a beautiful smile are powerful and valuable every day.


Being committed to preventative oral care really pays off in the health and appearance of your smile. If you are ready to prioritize oral health, schedule an appointment with Providence Dental Spa today!