Feeling nervous about going to the dentist? If you are, you are in good company as over 75% of Americans experience some level of dental anxiety. 15% of Americans have such a severe case that they have an outright phobia of going. At Providence Dental Spa, we are always working hard to help our patients overcome their anxiety through receiving care in a calming environment. We want to support you and make sure you get the care you need to make your dental experience more comfortable. Based upon our experience, we have discovered the following five suggestions, which can dramatically change your dental experience and reduce your anxiety:

  • Good Communication—We are ready to listen to how you are feeling. Every patient at Providence Dental Spa has different needs and we want to accommodate them specifically. When you are open about your anxieties, our team can support you in finding solutions to ensure your comfort. Depending on your severity, there may be some medicinal options to encourage relaxation. During your dental work, using hand signals to let us know how you are doing could be helpful too.
  • Focus on Breathing—Holding breath or rapid breathing are pretty common responses to fear. The decreased oxygen you receive from doing so will cause you to panic. Throughout your dental care, focus on breathing regularly and slowly.
  • Tune out Drilling—Whether using our noise cancelling headphones for silence or listening to music, drowning out the drilling could help reduce your anxiety significantly. You could even prepare a playlist in advance of the most calming music for you.
  • Schedule Your Appointment at the Right Time—Try to make your appointment for a time that you will not feel rushed. You will more easily relax if you are not in a hurry.
  • Choose the Best Dental Practice—If you are confident in your dentist, your anxiety levels will likely be reduced. Additionally, when you use a dental practice like Providence Dental Spa, you know that spa relaxation is offered to promote relaxation. We will ease your mind through our genuine concern and amazing amenities.

If you are ready to schedule your appointment, contact Providence Dental Spa. We want to change your expectation of how relaxing a dental experience can be.