For most people, wisdom teeth emerge in the 15-25 age range, generally 10 years after your permanent teeth arrived. There is not a hard-fast rule on when they should come out, so it is important to look for the warning signs. If you wait too long and they become impacted, you may experience greater pain and your other teeth may be shifted out of alignment. When you come for your regular cleanings, the team at Providence Dental Spa will monitor the progression of your wisdom teeth to recommend the best time for removal. In between visits, look out for these important signs:

  • Sensitive, Swollen, or Red Gums—If your gums begin to feel painful, inflamed, or puffy, this could be a warning sign that your wisdom teeth are putting pressure on your gums and they are ready to be removed. Call us right away before your discomfort worsens.
  • Feelings of Pain or Stiffness in Your Jaw—As wisdom teeth come in, it can start to cause pain as it shifts your teeth and jaw line out of alignment. When simple things like chewing food or brushing your teeth become uncomfortable, you need to contact us right away. Some people can confuse their oral pain initially as a headache or nerve pain. Also, if you start to notice mobility limitations in your jaw and mouth, this could be a sign as well.
  • Sinus Pain or Pressure—Strangely enough, there is a close connection between oral health and your sinuses. If you feel sinus discomfort or congestion, this could be connected to your wisdom teeth.
  • Swelling in Your Face—The tissue surrounding your teeth and jaw line will begin to become puffy and swollen as your wisdom teeth come in. In some cases, it could be dramatic enough to be confused as an allergic reaction at least initially.
  • Really Bad Breath—When wisdom teeth are emerging, they can cause gum breakage, which allows for food and bacteria to grow and fester. Eventually, this buildup will become noticeable because of your horrible breath.
  • The Presence of Cysts—Especially if you have ignored other warning signs for a while and your wisdom teeth are overdue for removal, you can develop fluid-filled cysts which will impact and damage the nearby teeth.

If you have noticed any of these symptoms, call Providence Dental Spa immediately. Wisdom teeth removal is a routine procedure and the recovery is very short. Avoiding or delaying removal could lead to much greater discomfort when you have them removed. Be wise and schedule a visit with Providence!