With over 450,000 new cases worldwide annually, oral cancer is a serious concern. Unfortunately, there are many oral cancer cases which do not go well, not because treatment could not have been possible, but rather that the cases were discovered too late. Early detection is linked to greater treatment success. Because early discovery is so important, our team at Providence Dental Spa screens patients for oral cancer at their general cleaning visits. You should also be aware of the warning signs so you can seek help if you have concerning symptoms.

Potential Signs of Oral Cancer

  •       Mouth or lip sore that does not seem to improve
  •       White or reddish patches inside of your mouth
  •       Loose teeth
  •       Mouth pain
  •       Ear pain
  •       Difficulty or pain when swallowing
  •       Lump or growth inside of mouth


Anyone could develop oral cancer, but there are some factors that put certain people at greater risk. If one or more of these risk factors apply to you, you should be even more diligent in screening for oral cancer.

Risk Factors

  •       A history of using tobacco products, including cigarettes, chewing tobacco, cigars, snuff, pipes, etc.
  •       Drinking alcohol heavily
  •       Exposing lips to excessive sun
  •       Being exposed to a sexually transmitted virus, human papillomavirus (HPV)
  •       Suffering from a weakened immune system
  •       Being over 40
  •      Having a diet deficient in fruits and vegetables

Although you cannot fully prevent oral cancer, you can take steps to limit your risk factors. You can choose to avoid excessive alcohol consumption, quit utilizing tobacco, limit your sun exposure, eat a balanced diet, and protect yourself intimately. Making your dental visits a priority is also vitally important. Not only will your smile be clean and healthy, but we can screen you for oral cancer. At Providence Dental Spa, we utilize a VELscope, which is a technologically advanced screening device which utilizes a blue light that illuminates the tissue molecules for clear examination. Ideally, your screening will be clear. and you can have peace of mind. If anything questionable is found, you can have greater confidence that your treatment will be effective due to early detection.

If you are interested in being screened for oral cancer, schedule your visit with Providence Dental Spa today!

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