Over 90% of American adults have at least one cavity, and fillings have become a very common restoring solution. The average American adult has three fillings. If you need a filling, you are  not alone. The types of fillings include gold, silver amalgam, ceramic, and composite. There are pros and cons to any filling material, but we prefer composite fillings at Providence Dental Spa.

The Advantages of Composite Fillings

  •       Provide a Discreet Restoration—Composite fillings are tooth-colored and blend discreetly with your natural teeth. Unlike amalgam fillings, composite fillings will never make your mouth appear full of metal.
  •       Restore Teeth from Decay—Composite is a mixture of non-toxic glass and plastic. The composite is filled in the holes where decay has eaten away at your teeth. Your teeth will appear perfect and will be functional again.
  •       Replace Noticeable Fillings—If you have had metal fillings in the past and feel self-conscious about them, the metal can be removed, and the composite can fill your teeth for a natural look.
  •       Allow Patients to Chew Normally—Composite fillings will restore function to your molars and premolars, so you can eat comfortably and normally. Although composite fillings are not as durable as metal, they still hold up well with normal chewing.
  •       Come at a Reasonable Cost—Many patients ask, “how much does a composite filling cost?” We are happy to provide all pricing before we start your restoration in the office. Although composite fillings are typically more expensive than amalgam fillings, they are less expensive than gold or porcelain. Composite fillings are a win-win because they are reasonably priced and discreet.

Dental Filling Procedure

Making you comfortable is always the first step of any procedure at Providence Dental Spa. For fillings, we typically utilize topical numbing gel and anesthetic. Our dental team will prep your mouth to stay dry around the tooth to ensure the filling seals and cures properly. Also, we will color-match your filling, so your tooth will look natural afterward. Before we can place the filling, we must remove any decay. After we address the decay, a suction tool will remove debris and excessive moisture. We will clean your tooth to ensure a clean and sturdy bond. The composite filling will be placed and then set with a curing light. After the filling hardens, we check to see if any adjustments are needed for comfortable alignment and chewing. Even though numbness may last for a few hours afterward, the tooth is usable and ready to go.

If you have a tooth that needs to be filled, a composite filling is a wise restorative measure. Schedule your restoration at Providence Dental Spa and enjoy our spa amenities while we fix your teeth!