Are you dreaming of a White Christmas or just a whiter smile? A bright white smile is a gift you can enjoy year-round. Whether you are considering teeth whitening before your family photos or in preparation for holiday parties, now is a great time to brighten up your smile. Our Providence Dental Spa team can help you brighten your smile by 5-7 shades in no time. We offer multiple whitening options to suit your lifestyle. Explore the FAQs of teeth whitening and schedule a consultation to get started!

FAQs of Teeth Whitening

  •       How Long Does it Last?

How long the whitening lasts varies based upon your care routine and eating habits. On average, patients can expect the results to last about 2-3 years if maintained properly. If you choose the at-home option, you could simply start using your trays again when your teeth lose their luster. Our patients who choose whitening in office can schedule a brighten up whenever needed.

  •       Does it Hurt my Teeth?

When done properly by a professional, your teeth are not likely to experience ill effects. Some patients can experience side effects, such as teeth sensitivity or root damage. During the consultation process, we can evaluate your teeth to determine if you are likely to experience these side effects.

  •       How is Professional Whitening Different from Whitening Toothpaste or Strips?

You can expect better and faster results when you choose professional whitening with a dentist. Although whitening strips use some of the same elements, they are much weaker than the products used by dentists. You will be using whitening strips for much longer and you may never achieve the results you want. Whitening toothpaste can be beneficial, but since it does not have peroxide in it, the stains it addresses are only surface level. If your tooth staining has been around for a long time, whitening toothpaste will do very little to help. Another benefit of professional whitening is that your whitening plan is customized to fit your specific needs and goals.

  •       What Kind of Whitening Options does Providence Offer?

We offer an in-office whitening treatment and a take home option for at-home whitening. Both can achieve the same results, but the in-office route delivers much faster results. The at-home kit utilizes trays with whitening gel to gradually whiten your teeth. Our in-office option allows you to whiten your teeth and enjoy spa amenities at the same time.

  •       Does Insurance Cover Whitening?

Typically, dental insurance will not cover procedures that are deemed cosmetic only, such as teeth whitening. You should check with your specific provider to be sure though. 

If you are ready to brighten up your smile, schedule your visit to Providence Dental Spa today!