We are so excited to announce that we are opening a new location of Providence Dental Spa. Our newest location will be serving patients in Newnan, GA and the surrounding area. The team is looking forward to sharing the Providence Dental Spa experience with another community.

How the New Location Came About

We have always had the vision for expanding and trying to help further transform the dental experience of patients all over the state. This opportunity came about after we found Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry. Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry was an established practice led by Dr. Shrenna Clifton for over thirty years. Dr. Clifton shared the vision for combining exceptional dentistry with spa-like relaxation. This practice was the perfect fit for joining our mission. Dr. Clifton accepted our offer to merge and become the newest location of Providence Dental Spa. We are delighted that she and her team will be staying on at Providence Dental Spa of Newnan, GA. The presence of Dr. Clifton and her team will ease the transition for patients and we are hopeful that her existing patients will stay with the practice as well. We have also welcomed a Newnan native resident to our team. Dr. Ray Cornay has been practicing for several years and has focused his practice on implant surgery, orthodontics, and full mouth rehabilitation. He will be joining our Newnan team in January 2022.

How this Merger Impacts Providence Dental Spa of Macon Patients

Our commitment to our current patients and their smiles will not change. We are growing, but our team will continue to provide the same quality care and experience you normally experience at Providence Dental Spa. Although Dr. Mann will be splitting his time between the practices, he will still have plenty of available time to ensure our Macon patients have exceptional care. Drs. Holcomb, Burleigh, Johnson, and Patel will be at our Macon office ensuring all of our patients are well-cared for each day. No matter  how many locations of Providence Dental Spa we open in the future, our team will never lose sight of our mission of putting our patients’ comfort first. We will continue to improve and grow, so we can always deliver the best for our patients in all of our locations. 

If you have any questions about the new location or your care in Macon, our team would be happy to help.