Have you struggled with ill-fitting dentures? You are not alone. Angela Sutton is a patient at Providence Dental Spa, and she has found her dental fountain of youth through our Teeth in a Day procedure. We are so inspired by her story and how her new teeth are changing how she feels about herself.

For around 20 years, Angela struggled with ill-fitting dentures. She was embarrassed about her smile, so she began smiling less. Angela knew that she needed another solution, but she really didn’t want another set of dentures, which would feel uncomfortable and unnatural over time. More than anything, she wanted to feel good about herself and her smile. Angela didn’t think her smile was appealing at all, so she wanted a change.

Angela consulted with Providence Dental Spa and determined that Teeth in a Day would be a good fit for her. She could achieve the dramatic results she wanted without having to fight with dentures any longer. When she came in for her procedure, she felt reassured and comforted by our staff that she was making a wise decision for herself. Her journey to a beautiful smile had begun.

A year later looking back, Angela is still amazed by her smile. She has gained the confidence to smile again. At 58 years old, Angela feels truly beautiful and that her smile reflects the joy within her. Her new smile has functioned for her like normal teeth instead of frustrating dentures. Angela has a glow of youth restored to her.

If you are struggling with dentures or hiding your smile, consider scheduling a consultation with Providence Dental Spa. We can help you begin your journey to a smile you will feel good about. If you were amazed by Angela’s story, you can share her story with this link.