In honor of National Dentist’s Day, we wanted to spotlight our founder and lead dentist, Dr. Jason Mann. His passionate leadership has established Providence Dental Spa as a relaxing and transformative experience for patients. 

Dr. Mann’s Journey into Dentistry 

Raised by a mom who has worked as a dental assistant for over 40 years, Dr. Jason Mann was exposed to the world of dentistry at a young age. He remembers fondly sitting in the back at the dental office when he was sick and reading books about teeth. His passion for dentistry grew over the years and eventually led him to start Providence Dental Spa in 2011. He wanted to create an unprecedented service-focused experience for patients. Dr. Mann envisioned a place where patients were called by name and their inside beauty could be harnessed and exuded through their smile. He is passionate about helping patients achieve a smile that looks amazing and functions properly.

Learn More About Dr. Mann

Dr. Mann specializes in cosmetic and implant dentistry, giving him the opportunity to transform patients’ appearance and confidence daily. His vision set forth the unique dental office combined with the luxury spa concept practiced at Providence Dental Spa. 

After graduating from the Medical College of Georgia, Dr. Mann’s talents and reputation have only grown. He earned the American College of Dentists Award, GAGD Senior Scholarships Award, The Academy of Operative Dentistry Award, AAID Award, and Touchstone Dentistry Award. Beyond his professional accolades, Mann’s heart for service has been evident through his extensive dental mission work in Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru as well as his mobile dental care for nursing facilities. 

The Providence Dental Spa team is honored to work alongside Dr. Mann in caring for patients with genuine compassion and professionalism. Happy Dentist Day, Dr. Mann. We think you are the man!