Athletic Mouth Guards In Newnan, GA

Safeguarding Your Teeth from Damage

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What are Athletic Mouth Guards?

While sporting goods stores promote the availability of mouth guards, it's essential to understand that pre-made mouth guards can't provide the level of protection achievable with a custom-fitted athletic mouth guard. These off-the-shelf options not only lack durability but also offer minimal actual protection. Rather than waiting for an oral injury to occur and require repair, take a proactive approach to safeguard your teeth when engaging in contact sports.

Benefits of Athletic Mouth Guards:

1 Prevent Extensive Teeth Damage in Sports.

2 Save on Expenses by Preventing Dental Injuries.

3 Experience a Comfortable Custom Fit Without Speech or Breathing Interference.

4 Durable Material Lasts Significantly Longer Than Pre-Made Options.

The Process:


Talk About Your Requirements.

Before crafting your mouth guard, we will assess your activity level and protection requirements. The thickness of your mouth guard can be customized to offer the necessary coverage that aligns with your lifestyle.


Create Dental Impressions.

Because an accurate fit is of utmost importance, we will take precise impressions using dental putty to ensure that your athletic mouth guard fits comfortably. Once the molds are ready, we will craft your mouth guard from high-quality thermoplastic material, ensuring both durability and comfort.


Inspect your mouth guard's fit.

A proper fit is essential not only for safeguarding your teeth but also for ensuring your comfort. Wearing an ill-fitting mouth guard can lead to distracting discomfort. Once we are confident that the mouth guard fits perfectly, we will offer instructions on its appropriate usage and maintenance. During each dental check-up, remember to bring your mouth guard to ensure that any changes in your teeth alignment have not affected the fit.

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