Ceramic Veneers In Newnan, GA

A Custom-Crafted Covering to Enhance the Look of Your Teeth with Ceramic Veneers

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What are Ceramic Veneers?

A ceramic veneer is a slim piece of ceramic designed to adhere to your tooth. Serving as a new front for your tooth, the veneer is bonded to your existing tooth. Ceramic veneers can transform the aesthetics of your smile while safeguarding the tooth's surface. The application of veneers is a minimally invasive procedure that aims to conserve as much of your original tooth as possible.

The Benefits of Ceramic Veneers:

1 Restore Teeth that Have Been Damaged or Discolored.

2 Rectify Misshapen or Misaligned Teeth.

3 Fill Gaps Between Teeth.

4 Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Smile.

5 Save Time with a Convenient Procedure.

6 Minimize the Removal of Your Original Tooth Structure.

The Process:


We Ensure Your Comfort

When you arrive, our staff will be attentive to your needs, ensuring a relaxing experience. Along with our spa amenities designed to promote relaxation, we will also use local anesthesia as necessary to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.


We Prepare Your Teeth.

Before applying veneers, your tooth must be prepared. As the veneer is affixed to the tooth, a very thin layer of your tooth is gently smoothed down to create space.


We Take Dental Impressions

Following the preparation of your teeth, precise impressions are taken to ensure your ceramic veneers are custom-crafted to perfectly fit your smile. If necessary, temporary veneers can be placed to address any immediate aesthetic concerns, ensuring you feel confident in your appearance during the process.


We Assess the Fit and Make Necessary Adjustments.

Once your ceramic veneers are prepared, we will meticulously inspect and make any necessary adjustments to ensure their perfection before the cementation process. Any trimming or adjustments to the veneers can be made on-site during this stage.


We Ensure Proper Preparation and Application of the Veneers.

With the fit adjusted, your teeth will be cleaned, polished, and etched to create an ideal surface for proper bonding. Subsequently, a cement will be applied to your teeth, and the veneers can be placed. The bond is then solidified using a curing light.


We Confirm Your Smile is the Way You Want It!

To complete the veneer process, we will ensure your bite is comfortable, and no further adjustments are needed.

If you are considering ceramic veneers, schedule a consultation to determine the best restorative dental solution for improving your tooth function, oral health, and appearance.

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