Ceramic Bridges In Newnan, GA

Ceramic Bridges: Crafted to Support Your Teeth, Restoring Function and Beauty to Your Smile.

Before Ceramic Bridge After Ceramic Bridge

What are Ceramic Bridges?

Ceramic bridges offer a solution for missing or unrecoverable teeth, utilizing the support and strength of your remaining healthy teeth. These bridges are custom-shaped to seamlessly fit your smile, matching your bite pattern and resembling the appearance with carefully matched porcelain. Along with restoring your smile's beauty, ceramic bridges provide durability and restore proper tooth function.

The Benefits of Ceramic Bridges:

1 Enhance the beauty of your smile.

2 Restore the functionality of your teeth.

3 Effortlessly replace missing or damaged teeth.

4 Leverage the strength of your healthy teeth.

5 Prevent tooth misalignment caused by missing teeth.

6 Custom-crafted for a seamless blend with your natural teeth.

The Process:


Establish your comfort.

Keeping the process as easy and painless as possible is our highest priority. Using a local anesthetic, we will prepare the tissue, gums, and affected teeth for the procedure. Once numb, our tools will not cause you discomfort during the procedure.


Prepare the teeth.

For a successful bridge, the ceramic bridge must be anchored to two strong anchor teeth, known as the abutment teeth. Essentially, both of the abutment teeth will have crowns slid over them to hold the prosthetic tooth, also known as the pontic, which will fill the space of the missing or compromised tooth. For the abutment teeth to be able to have the crowns, some of the existing tooth enamel will be carefully removed. During this process, we will manage moisture while ensuring cleanliness and your comfort. 


Make impressions.

At this point, we will be ready to make accurate impressions so the crowns, bridge, and pontic can be crafted. This custom ceramic bridge will be made in a lab to fit your smile and match your existing tooth color. 


Implement a temporary bridge.

Since the custom ceramic bridge will not be ready instantly, we will place a temporary bridge to maintain your smile's appearance and function as well as keep the prepared area safe from damage or bacteria.


Secure your ceramic bridge.

When your custom ceramic bridge is perfected, we will remove the temporary bridge and place the finalized one. The bridge will be secured with a cement and bonding material and then hardened using a curing light. We will meticulously check the fit to make sure your smile not only looks amazing, but also functions properly for chewing. 

If you are interested in ceramic bridges, schedule a consultation to explore the best restorative dental options for restoring your tooth function, improving your oral health, and maximizing your appearance.

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