Night Guards In Newnan, GA

Safeguard Your Teeth and Prioritize Your Sleep

Women Sleeping after installing Night Guard

What are Night Guards?

Made from durable thermoplastic material, night guards are individually crafted to shield your teeth from the harm caused by nighttime grinding. Habitual teeth grinding can lead to various dental issues, including fractures, loosening, loss of teeth, and jaw pain. A well-fitted night guard ensures your teeth remain safeguarded against the consequences of grinding and clenching.

Benefits of Night Guards:

1 Safeguard Your Teeth from Harm.

2 Prevent Ongoing Dental Issues from Chronic Grinding.

3 Experience a Swift and Painless Remedy.

The Process:


Talk About Your Condition.

Before finalizing your personalized treatment plan, we'll have a consultation with you to understand your teeth grinding habits. In certain instances, teeth grinding may be linked to sleep apnea, which may also require attention. Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, you can unwind and enjoy our spa amenities while we initiate the treatment process.


Create Dental Impressions.

Because night guards are effective only when they fit precisely, we take meticulous impressions using dental putty to ensure every aspect of your smile is accounted for. These impressions are used to craft your custom night guard from top-quality thermoplastic material.


Ensure a Precise Fit.

Once your night guard is prepared, we will perform an in-office fitting to ensure it provides the ideal fit. We'll also provide guidance on how to care for and use your night guard effectively.

If you are struggling with habitual night grinding, contact Providence Dental Spa today to schedule a consultation to determine the best solution to protect your teeth.

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