TMJ, TMD, Migraine Treatment In Newnan, GA

Relief from Painful and Debilitating Symptoms of TMJ, TMD, and Migraines

Women With Migraine Pain

What is TMJ, TMD, and Migraine Treatment?

Whether you're dealing with TMJ, TMD, or migraines, these conditions can significantly disrupt your daily life. While Botox is commonly associated with cosmetic procedures, it has proven to be a valuable therapeutic option. When Botox is administered into the affected muscles, it induces relaxation, effectively alleviating the associated pain. Embrace a breakthrough from pain and rediscover comfortable chewing with the assistance of Botox.

The Benefits of TMJ, TMD, and Migraine Treatment:

1 Experience Pain Relief.

2 Rediscover Comfortable Chewing.

3 Recover Normal Facial Movement and Function.

4 Find Relief from Symptoms Through a Non-Invasive Treatment.

5 Save Time with Quick and Long-Lasting Botox Treatment.

The Process:


We Ensure Your Relaxation.

When you arrive for your treatment, we aim to make the experience truly blissful. Our staff will introduce you to our spa services to enhance relaxation. While Botox treatment is typically not painful, some patients may choose to numb their face with a cold pad for added comfort.


We Administer the Botox.

A fine needle will be carefully inserted into the specific facial muscle to provide relief for your TMJ, TMD, or migraine symptoms. The needle pricks will be very minimal, and you will start to experience relief from your symptoms shortly after the procedure.


Find Relief

The effects of the injections usually last for approximately three months, providing relief from your symptoms for a considerable duration. When you are ready for another round of Botox, we will promptly schedule your appointment because you deserve to live pain-free.

If you are suffering from TMJ, TMD, or migraines, schedule a consultation to discuss how botox could alleviate your symptoms and restore your comfort.

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