Ceramic Crowns In Newnan, GA

Ceramic Crafted to Restore Function and Beauty to Damaged Teeth.

Before Ceramic Crown After Ceramic Crown

What is a Ceramic Crown?

When a tooth's outer surface is significantly damaged, ceramic crowns offer a superb solution to restore both function and aesthetics. Whether the damage results from prolonged enamel erosion, trauma, or teeth grinding, if the tooth is affected down to the gum line, ceramic crowns can effectively repair the damage and bring back an even more beautiful smile.

The Benefits of Ceramic Crowns:

1 Regain your smile's beauty.

2 Restore your teeth's proper function.

3 Enhance the tooth's appearance.

4 Custom-made to seamlessly match your smile.

5 Maintain your regular dental routine, as ceramic crowns require no special care.

The Process:


Manage your comfort.

We use a local anesthetic on the tooth and surrounding areas to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. Our goal is to minimize any discomfort while working on your tooth and gums with our tools.


Make impressions.

As ceramic crowns are individually crafted in a laboratory, we need precise impressions of both your lower and upper dental arches to ensure a perfect fit for your smile. These impressions are used to create a stone model of your teeth, serving as a reference for the lab. During this process, we also determine the ideal ceramic shade to seamlessly blend with your natural teeth.


Prepare your tooth.

A ceramic crown essentially replaces the outer surface of your tooth. Inside the crown, there is a space designed to snugly accommodate your natural tooth's core. To ensure a perfect fit, we optimize the remaining tooth so that it aligns seamlessly with the crown, preventing any room for bacteria to enter. Throughout this process, we maintain a dry and clean environment, ensuring your utmost comfort and minimizing moisture and debris.


Finalize impressions.

During this step, we take an impression of your prepared tooth to ensure a precise fit for the ceramic crown. This final impression may take a bit of time, as the impression tray with polyvinyl siloxane needs to remain in your mouth for about five minutes. This level of attention to detail is essential to guarantee a perfect fit for your crown.


Install a temporary crown.

Because your ceramic crown is custom-made, a temporary crown is needed for both aesthetic and practical reasons. While it won't match the final crown's perfection, this temporary crown, made from resin, will be shaped and colored to blend with your existing smile. This temporary crown not only maintains your smile's appearance in the interim but also safeguards your tooth's core. Since we had to remove some of your original tooth in preparation for the final crown, protecting the remaining tooth is crucial.


Fit your new crown.

When your custom ceramic crown is ready, we initiate the placement process. We prioritize your comfort by administering local anesthetic first. Once you're numb, we remove the temporary crown and slide on the new one. At this stage, we ensure that the crown fits snugly on the tooth and harmonizes with the neighboring teeth. Our goal is to make your smile not only beautiful but also comfortable and fully functional. Achieving the perfect fit is crucial, as it allows for proper flossing without leaving gaps for food particles to get trapped.


Implement your crown.

A secure bond is essential to ensure that the crown functions properly and blends seamlessly with your adjacent teeth. We firmly attach the crown using a combination of cement and bonding material. Once in place, the crown is solidified using a curing light.


Enjoy your smile.

After verifying that the crown has properly set and your bite is unaffected, your crown will be complete. You can maintain your crown with regular dental hygiene.

If you are interested in learning more about ceramic crowns, schedule a consultation to discuss the best restorative dental solution for restoring your tooth function, improving your oral health, and maximizing your appearance.

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