Tooth Extractions In Newnan, GA

Gentle Extraction of a Troublesome, Diseased, or Damaged Tooth

Tooth extraction involves the full removal of a tooth. While extraction is typically a last resort, there are situations where it becomes necessary for the sake of your health or dental well-being. Common reasons for extraction include irreversible decay, traumatic injury, disease management, and overcrowding. Generally, extractions are recommended only after all other treatment options have been thoroughly explored.

What are Extractions?

The Benefits of Extractions: 

1 Halt the Spread of Disease or Bacteria.

2 Address Overcrowding Caused by Poorly Fitted Teeth.

3 Make Room for Orthodontic Enhancement to Improve Aesthetics.

4 Extract a Tooth Beyond Repair.

The Process:


Prioritize Your Comfort.

Your relaxation during this procedure is our top priority. Our team will introduce you to various spa services that can enhance your comfort. Additionally, we will ensure your comfort through medication. When necessary, both local and general anesthesia may be used to prevent pain during the extraction process.


Eliminate the Issue.

Once you are completely relaxed, we will meticulously address the problematic tooth. If necessary, dissolvable stitches will be used to seal the site, preventing infection. Depending on the next steps in your treatment plan, the site may need to fully heal before further procedures can be carried out. Regardless of the course of action, we will ensure you receive antibiotics and appropriate healing care.


Embrace Well-being and Potential.

If your extraction was health-related, your overall well-being will significantly improve. In the case of extractions for cosmetic reasons, better days are ahead. Your smile will be enhanced by creating space for dental solutions.

If you are considering an extraction, schedule a consultation to determine the best restorative dental solution for improving your tooth function, oral health, and appearance.

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